Medico-legal work 


Medico-legal reports and NHS complaint reviews


Preparation of medico-legal reports and NHS complaint reviews in areas of professional interest, between 100+ completed per year.


Defence                      70%

Complainant                15%

Joint instruction           15%





Dr Falk was retained by the Government’s Department of Energy & Climate Change (now the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) in the 'Phurnacite' case regarding a coke plant in South Wales in 2012. In her judgement, The Honourable Mrs Swift noted:

Dr Falk is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Bristol Oncology Centre whose areas of interest include lung cancer and skin cancer. He impressed me as a fair and balanced witness with an excellent knowledge of the relevant epidemiology.

Regarding skin cancer he demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the up-to-date epidemiological literature on the topic and made an impressive witness.



Recent publications


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